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International Technology Transfer From Israel

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The Concept

Battery Solution International Ltd. (BSI) considers itself as a global pioneer in the field of battery life extension and battery refurbishment for various types of lead acid batteries.

BSI has developed an end-to-end, innovative and unique solution utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Our solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery maintenance for especially large traction forklift fleets and telecom operators. The entire process is supported by a green, environmental approach.

During its years of operation, BSI has established a successful track record in its international chain of battery life extension and battery restoration facilities.


100% Environmental Friendly



Completed Projects

BSI Licensee Opportunities

Open a battery refurbishing and battery life extension plant using BSI technology. All the advantages, guidance and knowledge for your business opportunity environmental protection, and substantial savings for potential customers…


Environmental Friendly


Battery Comprehensive Renewal


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