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BSI Battery Additive

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The Main Problem With Batteries

The main problem with batteries is that as they work a chemical process causes crystals to accumulate (sulfation). These crystals gradually erode the battery’s ability to charge and discharge, and cause the battery’s output capacity to decrease over time. Furthermore, the chemical process which occurs in the battery causes shading of the battery plate coating. Shading promotes sedimentation at the bottom of the battery, which causes the battery to short circuit.

Our Unique Proprietary Formula

Research and development have led us to find a unique formula, the most advanced of its kind in the world, which refurbishes batteries and extends battery life – BSI Battery Additive & Capsulate. Our battery additive & Capsulate are comprised of organic materials, and is completely free of metals and other foreign components. The battery additive & Capsulate is very effective – in just a few days, the battery additive seeps throughout the battery, and initiates an internal process that protects the battery end extends battery life to record.


The texture of the BSI Battery Additive is similar to that of silicone. It is an environmentally friendly (biodegradable) material, which has undergone inspection and has been safety certified (MSDS – Master Safety Data Sheet). The material is safe to the touch, and can even be transported by air. In addition to the material’s safety.

Short Charge and Discharge Cycles

In contrast to other additives characterized by very long charge and discharge cycles, the BSI Battery Additive starts acting in the battery immediately. The BSI Battery Additive is absorbed quickly in the battery plates, and after use, the charge and discharge cycles shorten significantly.

The Secret Behind the BSI Additive

The BSI Battery Additive is extremely sticky and forms a coating – a protective layer for the battery plates, which prevents the accumulation of crystals. The additive also dissolves sediments accumulated at the bottom of the battery, and prevents these sediments from recurring. Thanks to this process, the quality of the battery acid is also maintained, battery short circuits are prevented, a full battery charge is made possible, and the battery retains maximum efficiency over time.

The Result

The BSI Battery Additive has a long-term effect, which allows normal batteries to achieve optimal performance and battery life, and extends the battery life for refurbished batteries by almost 100%. The better the battery is maintained during its operational life, the more significant the effect of the additive will be, and the longer the battery will last. For vehicle fleets, factories and battery consumers, this results in substantial cost savings.

Environmentally Friendly

We reduce environmental pollution in two ways:

  • We treat one of the major pollutants on Earth (lead acid batteries). Instead of throwing the battery away or recycling it (conventional battery recycling processes are usually polluting), we refurbish the battery and restore its operational performance, without any pollution at all.
  • Use of the BSI Battery Additive with every battery refurbishing and battery reclamation process does not create any polluting waste.