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There might be many different solutions offered in the market, but we believe that none of them is efficient and green as the BSI Additive.

Unlike other battery additives that are available in the market that use metal-rich non organic ingredients, the BSI additive & Capsulate uses 100% organic ingredients, which we believe to be revolutionizing the battery refurbishing and battery life extension industry.

BSI’s solution extends the life of any lead acid based battery, including Fluid, partly Gel batteries (deep discharge) and Telecom blocks batteries (AGM ).

Extending the battery life effectively provides customers with a renew battery with re-warranty at a much lower cost than purchasing a new battery. Our proprietary technology applies a controlled and automated process, which can be supervised remotely.
BSI offers its customers a comprehensive turn key solution & One Stop Shop


Environmental Friendly


Battery Comprehensive Renewal


Business opportunity


Organic Additive


Computerized Process

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